6 déc. 2014

Memoir 44 - Tactics and Strategy Guide, English version: tribute and useful links

I owe a lot to the French writer Franck Garot, who tought me so many best practices (and reviewed so many of Praxeo books!). He told me recently:

- Being published is already an achievement.
- Being translated is one step beyond.

See Vers Minuit, Franck Garot's blog


As Franck declared, the release in October 2014 of the Memoir '44 Tactics and Strategy Guide, led by Days Of Wonder, is definitely a step beyond for Praxeo - our first translated game book since we started publishing in 1997 - and for me of course, as the author. All my appreciation goes to my friends and partners, and I want to pay here a tribute to the people who helped me achieve this milestone.

  • Franck Garot: writer, he's my guru.
  • François Spire: who taught me typography, graphics, printing and the magic "third level of reading" in 1997 when I was writing my first book.
  • Dai Junfu: Go champion 8-dan, who inspired the M44 Strategy Guide with his vision of mid-game strategy. See his book: Chûban
  • Marc-Antoine Nguyen: Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess) master, who inspired the M44 Strategy Guide with his vision of mid-game strategy. See his book: Xiang Qi
  • Arnaud "Lafayette" Roy: former president of  the FFM44, who welcomed me so warmly to the M44 community in 2009. See the very first post on DOW M44 forum.
  • Days Of Wonder: for believing in this singular and unique project (a big book about a "simple" boardgame!). They published the French release in 2011, and the English release in 2014.
  • Jesse "Ramussen81" Rassmussen, Beth and Geneva: for their contribution of one year to the English project.
  • All the fantastic M44 scenario designers. Their creations inspired me and are highlighted in this book, as they know. Among them: Richard Borg, jdrommel, yangtze, rasmussen, brycie35, 50th, Brummbar44, Hawkmoon Von Köln, Nemesszili, Elessär, etc.
  • All M44 players & friends, live games and online. See M44 French Open Tournament coverages 2009, 2011 (available in English), 2012 (available in English).
  • Alexandre Figuière: if you don't know him yet, you will soon. We're working together on four new projects for Memoir 44...
  • All the Readers, for your attention and your feedback, whether "positive" or "constructive" :). Thanks for all the messages I have already received from the US, Canada, UK, Ukraine, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands...

Thank you so much!


The M44 Tactics & Strategy Guide on Boardgamegeek

See on Boardgamegeek &
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The M44 "TSG" announcement on Days Of Wonder news blog

See the announcement

The M44 "TSG" expansion on Days Of Wonder website

Download there the Chapter 14 + two other goodies 
(this is to me the most important chapter)

The M44 "TSG" discussion thread on Days Of Wonder M44 Forum

Feel free to join!

The M44 "TSG" on battlegrip.com

See the announcement

The M44 "TSG" announcement on Dice Tower

Dice Tower: what an honor!
See the announcement

The very first sample of M44 TSG was offered to Temple58.
He came on purpose from San Diego, CA
to attend the M44 French Open 2014

Photo by Arnaud "Lafayette" Roy

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