31 mars 2015

[e-book] Memoir '44 - "Think like a Trooper"

Infantry & Memoir '44

Complimentary e-book, 92 pages.
Add-on to The Tactics and Strategy Guide

FR >> Disponible en français - cliquer ici <<

Release date: 5 April 2015

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The English Project Team

Released in July 2014 in French - M44 Il faut garder l'esprit troupier is now available in English thanks to the involvement of a great team:

This e-book is offered to the M44 players' community, but it's been designed by a pro team.

  • Alexis "Praxeo" Beuve - France: Author
  • Jacques "jdrommel" David - France: Consultant
  • Alexandre "Alx72" Figuière - France: Translator
  • Geoff "Gheintze" Heintzelmann - USA: Editor
  • Jim "Clexton27" McCann - USA: Reviewer
  • And of course, with the support of Days of Wonder

Greetings! Thanks a lot for your hard work, making things happen.

Theory, Practice, Competition, History

The heart of the book: how to win 2 battles from 3 with the Germans,
under pressure in defense, less numerous
exposed to sudden death conditions,
opposing Infantry only vs ennemy soldiers & tanks.
The answer in 26 anotated games and a bit of theory.

Theory and annotated online games.

Juno Beach and the Duty to Remember, from 1944 to 2014

Selections of the best M44 Infantry scenarios
Game & History

Free Download
M44 - Think like a Trooper

Think like a Trooper is the first add-on to
the M44 Tactics and Strategy Guide

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Others will follow! The team is working on it.

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Alexis Beuve
(c) Praxeo 2015

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